Music Update!

Time for another music update from yours truly. This time I decided to include the songs directly into the blog so you can listen as you go. Enjoy!

1. Here by Alessia Cara

This one is just sooooo good. It honestly sounds like poetry because of all the slant-rhyme, off-rhyme, etc. Honestly I think Alessia Cara is an amazing lyricist because she says so much in such a short amount of time (while being literal yet also metaphorical). What really gets me is SHE’S THE SAME AGE AS ME (actually a bit younger), how can someone be so creative at such a young age?! Like I’m still struggling to find my voice and this girl has found it in such a freaking cool way. I’m also a huge fan of the beat of the song, it has this good vibe of being kinda mid-tempo but also like a head banging kind of jam. The drums are my favorite because they really carry the song. This song is definitely more alternative but I’m a huge fan. I really wanna listen to more of Alessia Cara’s stuff because she seems like a really interesting and creative artist (and also her voice is just bomb). I’m sure her album is amazing.

Side note: She does an amazing cover of I Can’t Feel My Face that ya’ll should check out.

2. How Deep Is Your Love by Calvin Harris & Disciples

Time for a dance song. Calvin Harris is just amazing, right? Like his stuff always kills it. This song is really fun and the female vocalist is really good, I’m a huge fan of how soft her voice is in this song. (I’ve definitely done my fair share of dancing to this one in the car….). My thing with dance music is that I generally don’t like the stuff that’s really, really intense. Like I’m not a fan of huge music drops or crazy changes in beat, but this song is just well crafted and maintains a solid tempo the whole time, while keeping that dance vibe. Overall the words and beat are just really catchy, I feel like it could be a radio hit. For all your partying purposes, listen to this song (or just Calvin Harris in general).

3. Let It Go by James Bay

I’m a huge fan of singer-songwriters because their songs always have a lot more depth than the standard pop song and I really appreciate the creativity and talent. This song definitely portrays James Bays talent. His voice has such a sweet yet rugged sound too it (he has that passionate, tortured artist vibe). This song is also really beautiful. Essentially it’s a breakup song but not in the typical “I hate you and I’m miserable and sad that you did me wrong” kind of way. Instead he kind of just says that the two are no longer together so they should just let it go and let what happens happen. I always find this advice refreshing and my dad has often said to me that things are going to work out the way they are supposed to happen and if it’s meant to be it will be (I’m a firm believer in this). This song really exemplifies this idea of just being you and letting the hurt and the broken bits just fall where they may, because at some point you just have to let it all go and not worry about it anymore. My favorite line from the song is “Trying to push this problem up the hill when it’s just too heavy to hold. Think now’s the time to let it slide”. Take the time to really listen to the words of this song because it’s just beautiful.

4. Burning House by Cam

Wow, I really have a little of everything in this blog, time to throw in some country. Cam is a new female country artist and her first major hit (this song) is super slow and super pretty. She sounds a little like Miranda Lambert in my opinion (with less twang), her voice is so powerful though, like that one note she sings just hits that sweet spot in my ears and instantly got me intrigued the first time I heard it. The song itself is very metaphorical and honestly I haven’t quite pinpointed what the meaning of the song is exactly (it could be a breakup song? or maybe just a song about struggle?). I need to listen to it a few more times to really get it. This is a song for those reflective kind of days when you’re just kind of laying in your bed thinking about things and maybe feeling a little moody (at least that’s what I would use it for). Overall, the vocals, lyrics, and music are very strong and I’m a huge fan.

Hope you all enjoyed this little review! Let me know what you thought of the songs. I love to hear when people like the things I post.

From me for you,


Flashlight, Stitches, and Hailee Steinfeld

I’ve spent the bulk of my morning searching new music for my playlists. I came across a few gems (stay tuned for a future music update blog) but I need to get a better feel for them before I review them for you all. However, still sticking with the theme of music, I thought I’d instead highlight an artist instead of just one song. For today this is Hailee Steinfeld.

Most people probably know Hailee Steinfeld from some major Hollywood films including True Grit (which she got a ton of major award nominations for) and my personal favorite Pitch Perfect 2. I had always known who Hailee Steinfeld was prior to her role in Pitch Perfect but it wasn’t til I saw that movie that I realized how much I really like her. I thought her vocals were great in the movie (especially in the scene when she sings a snip-it of the movies main song Flashlight). After the movie album was release I was so disappointed to find out that she did not sing Flashlight on the album, instead the song was sung by Jessie J (no hate against her, I just prefer the Hailee version). So a few weeks ago I came across this video and nearly jump up and down in happiness, check it out:

Like omg, it’s so good! I finally got the Hailee Steinfeld version I wanted so badly, and I personally think it’s even better because it’s so stripped down and raw. A few weeks later I saw Hailee and Shawn Mendes both post that they had made a video of the two of them singing Shawn’s popular song Stitches. Once again, I almost did a happy dance (I mean the adorable talent that is Shawn Mendes mixed with my current girl crush Hailee Steinfeld, sign me up!). When the video was released I was instantly in love. The two sang so well together, and I loved the way that they arranged it between the two of them (they also just looked super cute while singing to one another). Give it a listen here:

Another stripped down version allowing Hailee and Shawn’s voices to shine, loving it. Hooking up with Shawn Mendes to release this little video was a great idea to help launch her music career. I mean, Shawn has rose pretty quickly in popularity for being a new artist, and the teenage girls that listen to his music are probably the exact kind of people that Hailee is wanting to be her main demographic.

So finally I heard news of Hailee releasing her first single Love Myself and once again, I was instantly excited. It was just released maybe a week ago and it’s everything I could’ve imagined and more. It’s upbeat and very positive about loving yourself and being independent (it kind of gives me an Ariana Grande vibe actually). Here’s the link to the audio:

So good right?! Her voice is so nice to listen to, it’s like calming and sweet and so lovable. I really wanna listen to this song while jumping around with all of my friends as we try on clothes and prep to go out. Definitely a pump-up kind of song. It’s nice to listen to music that makes you feel so good about yourself (one reason why I’m sure the world is such a fan of Fight Song). As for now, I’ll have to wait patiently for the Love Myself video to be released and then Hailee’s album.

I hope you enjoyed this little intro into the music world of Hailee Steinfeld. I’m for sure a fan….if you haven’t noticed that already (I’m a little obsessed).

From me for you,


The Music of My Week

Here’s another music review for ya’ll. Open a new tab and listen away!

1. First Time by Kelsea Ballerini


Some people have called Kelsea Ballerini the new country artist to watch and I completely agree. Her song “Love Me Like You Mean It” has been killing the country charts and has managed to work it’s way onto my list of favorites. Since I liked her first single so much I figured I’d listen to the rest of her album, that’s when I came across this gem (although the whole album was really good so I suggest you give it a listen). This song is slower than her first single and basically tells the story of a girl who gives a guy a second chance that he inevitably screws up by leaving her waiting on the porch. Hence the main line of the song “that’s why the past should be the past the first time”. I found the topic kind of refreshing because we’ve all heard our fair share of breakup songs, but this one explored a different kind of relationship and I found it to not conform to the usual cliches. Her voice is also really powerful which adds to the emotion of the song. This song is definitely one for those reflective car rides or moody days.

2. House Party by Sam Hunt


Let me start this off by saying that my goal is to see Sam Hunt in concert because he’s just adorable and his album is amazing. I have a few favorites from Montevallo but this song is the one that I’ve had most recently on repeat. “House Party” is just a great country party song; the beat is great, the lyrics are adorable, and Sam Hunt’s voice just makes it all the more lovely. I challenge you to try and avoid dancing around when you listen to this song because I’ve begun to think that it’s physically impossible!! The thing I love most about this song is the fact that it makes me really excited to go back to school. My friends and I are living in a house next year (24 people in a giant, old, brick house) and if this song isn’t playing every Friday and Saturday night then I’m literally going to have a protest. It’s just too good to not listen to. I think my ideal situation to listen to this song is while me and my friends are getting ready to go out. We’re always looking for good “pump up” songs and I think this one definitely deserves a spot on the playlist.

3. Force of Nature by Bea Miller


To break up the country chain I’ve had going, I thought I’d throw in a pop artist. Bea Miller is a sixteen year old X-Factor alum. Her first album “Not an Apology” came out recently, and though I haven’t listened to the entire thing, there are still some pretty powerful songs on there (see Young Blood). For being a pretty, sixteen year old pop singer she has a little bit of edge, I highly suggest you give the album a listen. This song is my favorite from the album because it’s very soft and sweet (think very similar to Bright by Ecosmith, in fact her voice and Sydney Sierota’s have an almost identical tone). It’s a simple guitar song so her vocals really stand out. It’s sort of the classic young love song that describes a girl who tries to resist liking the boy in question but can’t because he’s a “force of nature”. Overall I’d like to picture this song being played by a bonfire or something; very melodic, very calm, very head-swaying, twirling kind of jam.

Hope ya’ll enjoy this little review! I’d love to hear some of your favorites so feel free to leave a comment or let me know. Maybe I’ll put them in my next music review.

From me for you,


Some Music for You

I consider myself to be a bit of a music enthusiast. I’m always looking for new songs and artists to listen to so I can expand my music library. This has caused me to have a particularly wide range in music taste; it pretty much covers everything from country, to house, to pop, and also some alternative, and pop punk. Basically, I’ll listen to anything that has a solid beat and good lyrics. I usually share my music with my family and friends (or, as they might say, annoy them with it), but I figured since I started blog I’d annoy you with my current music favorites rather than them! So here’s my current music obsessions, hope you enjoy!

Side note: I know that often times when someone tells me to listen to a song I make a mental note of it in the back of my head and then never listen. To help you to not do the same thing that I do, I suggest you open up a tab right now on your computer, phone, or whatever and listen to a bit of each song as you read its review. You won’t regret it, I promise!

1. Eyes Shut by Years & Years


Years & Years are a trio from Great Britain. As soon as I heard this song I knew it was going to be one of my new favorites. It has such a good beat, like a really good finger snapping, steering-wheel-drumming beat (if you’re anything like me you will definitely do this when you listen). At the same time there’s also this great soft piano that starts off the song and then plays throughout its entirety. Besides the general beat I also really enjoy the lyrics and the voice of the lead singer (Olly Alexander, he’s also kind of adorable). I feel as though he’s a real talent, his voice is very melodic and soft (there’s a stripped version of this song on Years & Years’ Vevo account where you can really hear how good of a singer he is). This is the first song I’ve ever listened to by Years & Years but I definitely plan to listen to more. All in all this is a great mid-tempo song for those long car rides by yourself!

2. Brother (feat. Gavin DeGraw) by NEEDTOBREATHE


Gosh this one’s just so good. So I’ve been a fan of NEEDTOBREATHE ever since I saw them open for Taylor Swift about four years ago (their song Something Beautiful is one of my all time favorites). On the other hand, I’ve been singing Gavin DeGraw songs ever since my obsession with One Tree Hill came about in like middle school. Put both of these amazing artists together and oh my god we have a musical masterpiece. I’m not kidding, the soul and depth behind this song is like enough to give you chills (and might even cause you to throw out a couple of mmmyeah’s here and there). Anyone who knows either of these artists can guess that the vocals in this song are also simply wonderful. It’s honestly just a great piece of music. There’s not much else to say, just go listen!

3. Blindside by Hunter Hunted

image1 (1)

Hunter Hunted is a duo indie pop band, and if this song is any indication of the rest of their music than they’re doing everything right. This song is more up-tempo than the last two. It has a classic pop(ish) beat and seems like it would do well with the masses (it has a very The 1975/American Authors vibe). The song has a good blend of real instruments and produced electro sound. I don’t know if I’d necessarily be able to lump this song into one genre because it’s a little crossover and could easily be a radio hit but isn’t the pop fluff we’re usually used to hearing from top hits. Overall it’s just a great song to dance to alone in your room or while driving down the highway (friends are always welcome, but once again if you’re like me there’s nothing better than a solid ugly dance session by yourself).

I think that’s all I’ll talk about this week, but I definitely have more songs ready to go in my archive so stay tuned! I hope you enjoyed this mini music review and that you like all the songs I picked (it’s okay, I won’t be offended if you don’t).

From me for you,