I’m Baaaacckkkkk!

Helllooooo everyone!

I’d like to start this off a la Emma Roberts:


Well you were wronggggg! I’m back and feeling better than ever.

It’s been way too long since I’ve posted on this blog. But in my defense it’s not like I was just not writing, I was just posting on another site. As many of you probably know, I spent the Fall semester abroad in Spain and I blogged my entire experience on the website of the program I had traveled with. (If anyone cares to read any of these posts you can do so here) (I also vlogged the whole semester which you can watch here).

But obviously since I am now back in the US (and back to my normal life) I can go back to blogging here on my personal page, which means no more rules. I can go back to saying whatever I want, whenever I want, which is the most relieving feeling ever.

Honestly I’m pretty excited to get back to blogging about my everyday life. I feel like I have sooooo many things to get off my chest. Now I just need to get around to making the time to actually say the things I need to say (which tends to my biggest flaw as a blogger I’ll admit). But I will try my best to be a better blogger this year.

I just honestly feel really excited for the future; for my blog, for getting back to school, for relationships, for friendships, for jobs, for literally everything. I’m optimistic for the new year and couldn’t be more ready for what’s ahead.

This break was a really great detox for me, I was able to spend a lot of time with my family and friends (and my bed) and it’s left me feeling really refreshed and eager to make some changes. (I also did a whole lot of shopping the past few months and although that has made my bank account very sad it has made me all the more happy).

Hopefully the coming semester will keep the positivity going!


From me for you,




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