Nashville Vacation Part 1: A day in Roanoke

Honestly I don’t really know what I’m vacationing from considering I don’t start work until I get back home, but nonetheless vacation has arrived! This year we chose to go back to Nashville, TN (we came here before about four years ago). We left Thursday evening so that we could stay the night in Roanoke, VA since it’s about halfway to Nashville. We didn’t get to our hotel until after midnight. In the morning we decided not to get on the road right away and ventured out farther into the beauty that is downtown Roanoke.

It was so pretty, I’m actually kind of annoyed that I didn’t know how nice Roanoke was until now. The city was a good mix of urban and historic. Overall it gave off a really nice vibe. There were really cute stores, street venders (one from which we bought cinnamon pecans….yum), museums, and restaurants along the way.

We decided to go into this little boutique called La De Da. First of all let me say that this place had some of the nicest decor I’d ever seen. The whole store had this natural, hippy vibe that I really liked. It also felt really homegrown, like the owner just decorated the place herself with whatever she could find. I couldn’t resist taking a few photos.

The clothes were very unique so I really wanted to get something, especially since I knew I wouldn’t be able to find it anywhere else. Plus, everything was very knit and slouchy and looked like you would just want to wear it to relax in every day. However, since it is a small boutique the prices were kind of out of my range. In the desire to support small businesses I decided to grab a pair of soft, gray, flowy shorts and my mom bought a necklace. This store has a website if you’d like to check it out.

We asked one of the ladies who was working in the store (who was super friendly by the way) if she knew of a good place nearby to get coffee. She sent us to Mill Mountain Coffee & Tea. It has the same urban, industrial vibe that the city had. I ended up getting a passion fruit, blackberry, vanilla iced tea (FYI it was delicious, not overly sweet at all).

The whole city was really cool and I’d love to go back there and properly look in every store. I feel like Roanoke is the exact kind of city I’d want to live in because it didn’t feel too big and overwhelming but also had the creativity and modernity that a city has. We got on the road shortly after our coffee trip and six hours later made it safely to Nashville.

I’ll keep you all updated in the next few days about my trip and all the adventures I go on (especially if I see and country music stars….). I’ve also been posting a ton of pictures on VSCO so if anyone wants to follow me there to see what I’m up to you can do so here.

From me for you,


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