My Epic 20th Birthday Adventure

Okay, so maybe “epic” is the wrong word, but all in all it was a pretty kick-ass day. I went back and forth for awhile deciding whether or not I should write a post on my actual birthday. Is it weird to wish yourself a happy birthday? I couldn’t decide, so I decided to just wait til the day after my birthday cause that would make everything okay. Right?

Anyways if you know me you’ll know that I love my birthday. I start saying that it’s “almost my birthday” approximately around the beginning of April (if not earlier….). I think I’ve always just love getting older and, admittedly, I’ve always loved the fact that my birthday is an entire day dedicated to me (as conceited as that sounds). This year I wanted to have a really fun day with my family and friends. I went through a ton of ideas of what to do: skyzone, day trip to Philly, beach day, but ultimately decided to go with some paddle-boating on French Creek.

So that’s how the day was supposed to start but unfortunately my friends and I are kind of directionally and socially challenged… of course we couldn’t find the place where we were supposed to rent the paddle boats. After a long time of driving around we decided to just go to St. Pete’s instead.

Not pictured: Payton. She has a twisted ankle so walking on the rocks was hard enough without entering the water/slippy rock territory. But it should be noted that she was indeed there and was a great photographer in her crippled state.

It was the perfect start to my birthday to be out and about on such a nice day (even if we did more picture taking than swimming). I managed to not fall at all on all the rocks which is another miracle, the last thing I needed on my birthday is another broken foot. After adventuring outdoors for awhile we went to get some lunch and then to get me a birthday cupcake (you’ll notice that I spent a large percentage of my day eating way too much food, but hey, it was my birthday, it’s allowed). After much deliberation I decided on a cookies and cream cupcake, a classic if you ask me.

Needless to say, it was delicious. I barely made it through my front door before eating it. The birthday adventure continued for dinner at The Grand Lux Cafe where I continued to stock myself full of delicious food. Cue photo montage here:

Not pictured: the calamari and buffalo chicken bites my family also ate…..whoops. My brownie sundae, as amazing as it was, was really only half eaten due to the sheer fact that I couldn’t fit anything else into my body. Shoutout to my waitress for tossing on some birthday sprinkles and a candle, and for giving me a big ass spoon to eat it with.

Finally, it was present time! My parents gave me an AOII Alex & Ani bracelet and some extra money for my semester in Spain and my sister got me this American Apparel bodysuit in black (I already have this exact one in white but I honestly want to have it in every color because it’s my favorite piece of clothing ever).

Overall I had a great birthday and can’t wait to see what my 20th year has in store for me. Personally, I have a good feeling about it. I’m not a teenager anymore, how weird is that….I feel old.

Thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday, I’m super grateful for you all!

From me for you,


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