Life Update: I’m the worst blogger ever

Actually tho.

It’s been over a month since I’ve blogged and I don’t even have a good excuse as to why. I guess I could blame finals and unpacking (which believe it or not took me over a week to actually do), but if I’m being honest with myself I just really haven’t had any good blogging ideas.

However, at the same time that’s kind of also a lie. I definitely have things that I could write about, but lately I just don’t know if I actually want to write about them. I’m trying to balance this blog between being about my life while at the same time not getting into too much of the nitty gritty. I’m still currently working out that balance. I guess you’ll find out what I decide if I suddenly start posting really personal life stories (that probably won’t happen but still).

While I continue to work out what I want to write about for the future, I figured that I’d just use this post as a little update on everything that’s currently going on in my life.

I finished the semester about two weeks ago with the help of a lot of coffee and luckily without dying. Needless to say I am very relieved to not see the library basement for the next few months…roughly 7 months to be exact (actually thinking about that is super freaky). The reason why I will not be back on campus for 7 months (for those of you who don’t already know) is because I will be spending next semester abroad in Salamanca, Spain!! *Insert excited yet insanely nervous face here* Going abroad is a huge aspect of student life at Gettysburg College and the idea of spending an entire semester seeing another part of the world while simultaneously finishing up my Spanish minor was too good of an opportunity to pass up. Going with me on this trip is seven other Gettysburgians including my best friend/roommate Kelli, my AOII seester/abroad roommate Cynthia, and the ball of craziness that is my friend Emily. Expect a lot of updates from me about the four of us and all of our European shenanigans (I expect that there will be a lot). I’ll probably write an entire blog post about going abroad closer to my departure date, so stick around for that. I’ve also been brainstorming the idea of doing a series of potentially weekly blogs and vlogs while I’m abroad so that I can keep those of you at home (mainly my parents) regularly updated and so I can have a cool visual to look back on in the future.

Other than that, I recently went to graduation for the Class of 2016 and of course managed to cry way more than I expected (partially because I’m gonna miss them and partially because I have an irrational fear of the real world and the idea of myself graduating in 2 years gives me ridiculous amounts of anxiety). All in all I’m really sad to be losing such awesome people, especially all the seniors that I only just met this past year/semester (meaning most of my AOII sisters). But at the same time I’m super proud of them all and know they’ll do great things (and demand that they all visit as much as possible).

As far as the summer goes, I’ll  be spending it babysitting, being a counselor for 8 weeks at a summer camp, and interning for a local magazine (and frantically panicking over the fact that none of those jobs are going to be giving me nearly enough money to travel all of Europe…but I’ll figure that out as it comes). All in all I’m going to be very busy (and I’m going to need to get used to waking up consistently at 7 AM…..) but at the same time I’m excited to be more active this summer, instead of just the normal laying around that I usually do (except I’m really not happy about the awful tan lines that working outside is going to give me).

So that’s me, that’s my current life. This blog post was really just me rambling so I’m sorry if it wasn’t that interesting for those of you who actually read all of it. I really just felt the need to get something written so I could get back on the blogging track. I’ll try to come out with some more interesting content soon.

From me for you,


Side note: the feature photo for this post is Salamanca’s Plaza Mayor, feel free to be very jealous of my abroad city.

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