Am I blogging about you?

Probably not.

I guess a lot of you know that I tend to be pretty open on this blog. I state my opinion and I reference people in my life when explaining my experiences or whatever happens to be going on in my head at the time.

So I guess that would lead some people to believe that I’m talking about them in my blogs. But more often than not that is not the case. To be honest I kind of like the idea of people worrying about me blogging about them. I feel like Taylor Swift circa 2010 when every person she ever dated was patiently waiting for a detailed song to come out about their relationship.

But alas, I am not Taylor Swift and unfortunately many of those people worried about me blogging about them are really not important enough for me to have anything to say anyways.

That sounds harsh but it’s the best way that I can put it. And even if you did make it into one of my posts, chances are I would not be directly calling you out. I never use names, I never try to embarrass people, I never expose people (even though I totally could and it would be great).

All in all I’m very aware that this is a public forum and referencing the stories of my life with names included most likely would end up embarrassing me just as much as it would you.

So am I blogging about you? Probably not.

Will I blog about you? No

Should you be nervous about it? Idk maybe (;

Besides, I have a secret blog for all the real dirt and story telling anyway (or do I?). You’ll never know.

Much love from me, I promise to blog more once my school life slows down. See ya’ll soon.

From me for you,


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