High School Musical Is Why I Feel Old

My winter break has consisted of a lot of Disney Channel. Now it’s not voluntary (though honestly I don’t hate it all that much). I babysit four girls twice a week, so Disney Channel is pretty much the sole thing to ever be on the TV. But today there was a commercial for the 10th anniversary of High School Musical (excuse me what?). Yeah, you read that correctly, High School Musical came out TEN YEARS AGO. How is that even possible?! Where did the last ten years go?!

But my utter shock at this discovery is not what this blog is about. Actually it’s all about nostalgia. As I was watching this High School Musical commercial I couldn’t help but feel all kinds of emotional. And honestly it’s all because I feel like High School Musical really sums up my childhood life!

Being obsessed with Zac Efron (still being obsessed with Zac Efron…….), wanting to sing like Vanessa Hudgens, watching the sing-a-long and dance-a-long versions (and obviously still having the moves memorized today)……… like that was my childhood.

I sang “Gotta Go My Own Way” with Gabriella (and subsequently after every break up I’ve ever had). I owned High School Musical: Sing it! (and played it constantly). Not to mention that I also probably watched High School Musical 3 like forty times before I graduated (and cried every time).

I think being an adult (uh, sort of) has really been good for me, I don’t really yearn to be young again. But something about High School Musical really makes me want to experience things like I did when I was 9/10 years old again. I want to get overly excited about stupid movies like I used to (and have viewing parties/sleepovers like I did when High School Musical 2 was released………….).

So the fact that it’s been ten years since all of that happened really makes me a little sad and also all types of reflective. I’m just feeling really old and really nostalgic today.

All because of High School Musical…….

I’m probably going to have to go watch it now. See you when I pull myself out of my nostalgic tears. And don’t forget……..


From me for you,


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