4 Things I Learned in 2015

2015 is coming to a close and honestly I can’t believe how fast the time went by. I can’t necessarily say that 2015 was my favorite year ever but it definitely taught me a lot along the way. So here it is: 4 Things I Learned in 2015.

1. Status isn’t everything

I spent a lot of the first half of 2015 worrying about what people thought of me. I put a ton of pressure on myself to fit into the mold that was laid out for me by my friends and the sorority I wanted to join. I became so obsessed with gaining “popularity” that I sacrificed a lot of friendships along the way. The second half of 2015 taught me that this perceived status that I was striving for isn’t actually important at all. I’m much happier now than I think I would’ve been had I obtained the social rank that I thought I wanted. It didn’t matter what sorority I was in or who felt like I was worthy of their friendship, in the end my friends before rush remained my friends after rush. I’m a much kinder person now that I’ve realized that (seemingly) being better than other people is not everything people make it out to be. If anything it makes me a worse person.

2. Being single isn’t terrible

I spent a lot of 2015 (and like my whole life) yearning for a relationship that would really make me happy. In the search for this I let my emotions be manipulated for months because I thought that a relationship could be in my future with this person. It’s only been in these past couple of weeks that I’ve realized that being single isn’t the worst thing ever. If anything, it gives me an opportunity to really work on myself as a person. Right now I have this ability to only care about myself, whereas in the larger portion of my life (when I’m married) I’m going to have to constantly also be worrying about another person. So right now I’m just going to do things for me. In 2016 I plan to stop looking for a relationship because I know it’ll come when it comes. Probably when I’m not expecting it, probably when I’m truly ready.

3. Going out of your comfort zone isn’t bad

Most people probably don’t know (or maybe you do) that I really really hate doing things by myself. I think it’s sort of an irrational fear. I hate driving new places by myself, I hate going to get lunch by myself, I’ve never joined a club by myself. I guess I’m just afraid of doing things without the support (or the crutch) of having my friends do it with me. However, I realized this year that trying new things isn’t actually bad. My best example of this would be AOII. I did not want to join AOII at all when I first had the opportunity to. Probably because I was scared. It was an all new experience and I didn’t know the majority of the girls joining (and admittedly I was still living in the status bubble). But at the end of the day (literally like two days before my interview) I decided to take a chance and join AOII. And now I’m so happy I did. I’ve meet so many amazing girls and have had the opportunity to do the coolest things. AOII pushed me out of my comfort zone, now all I have to do is make sure I keep exploring things on my own in 2016. (Yikes.)

4. There’s always a new opportunity ahead

Sometimes I feel like I can be very cynical about life. Like a lot of the time I’ll let myself get upset about something and then think that things will never change or that it’s the end of the world. However, I’ve really learned recently that there’s always new opportunities to learn new things, do new things, and to change yourself. I want to head into 2016 with a positive mindset. I need to look at the future as exciting and full of new experiences rather than viewing it as a the same annoying cycle I’ve always lived in. The coming spring semester is an opportunity for me to be a new person. I can try new things and hang out with new people. Life isn’t bad, it’s an opportunity for us to be whoever we want and do whatever we want. 2015 really taught me that, and I  want to actually embrace it in 2016.

So there you go, four things I learned this year. Hopefully I’ll continue to learn as the years go on (obviously I’m sure I will).

Now it’s time to get ready to bury 2015 in the past and celebrate the rise of 2016. Lets do this! *Insert muscle emoji here*

From me for you,


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