Happy Birthday to My Roommate: Part 2


You are the light in my life little one. I would never have thought when I first met you that you’d eventually end up being such an important person in my life. Back then you were just Kelli’s funny best friend, well guess what……NOW YOU’RE MY FUNNY BEST FRIEND!

I’ve never vibed with someone as much as I vibe with you. Our personalities just get each other. Sometimes you’ll do things and people will look at me like you’re crazy and I just laugh and nod my head because to me you wouldn’t be you if you didn’t have such a crazy personality. There’s no one else I’d want to run with through the streets of Gettysburg singing “I’M AN AFRICAN AMERICAN PERSON AND I LOVE MYSELF” or perform snapchat music videos to Justin Bieber with. You allow me to let my freak flag fly and I love you for that.

Thank you for always making me laugh, for listening to musical soundtracks with me, for always getting meals with me, for loving salt and vinegar chips just as much as I do, for fitting in with my family so well, for obsessing over the same boys, and for always backing me up when I almost get in fights (lol….that one time).

You never doubt to make me smile when I’m feeling low, and you always understand my insane rants and predictions.

I’d also like to say sorry. I’m sorry that I always make you get things for me when I’m in bed being lazy, for eating all of your food, for making you follow me to whatever frat I feel like going to (lol who am I kidding, we only go to ATO), for making fun of the fact that you snore, and for not defending you when people try to hold down your personality.

Never stop being you girl, even if everyone says that you’re crazy and loud, those things are the best part of you. You have such a good, kind heart and I wouldn’t want to have anyone else by my side.

I love you so so much Starr McCoy! Keep shining bright!

From me for you,


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