Life Update: Christmas, The Bachelor, and Podcasts

Hey ya’ll. So I’ve wanted to write a blog post for a while now (it’s been like almost a month since I’ve posted something…..sorry) but I’ve really had nothing to talk about. Basically my life is boring……that’s it. So this blog post isn’t really gonna have a point to it, I guess we’ll just look at this as a life update. So here we go, I’m gonna ramble about my life for the next 300 words or so.


Seriously. I can’t wait. I listened to Mariah Carey’s entire 1994 Christmas album today (the greatest Christmas album of all time btw)……no lie. I’m on that Thanksgiving and Christmas vibe. Which is actually kind of weird. Now don’t get me wrong I looooove Thanksgiving and Christmas (any holiday where I can eat copious amounts of food is okay with me), but I went through this phase of life where I was like “omg, I hate listening to Christmas music all the time.” “I don’t want to watch these movies again”, so on and so forth. Well I’m pretty sure that being away at college is making me realize that the holidays are actually amazing. I think its because the idea of Christmas and those warm coming home feelings didn’t mean as much when I was home all the time, but now that I’m not home most of the year the idea of Christmas and tradition and family feels so amazing to me. I’m like beyond stoked to go home and watch my favorite Christmas movies and the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade while eating cinnamon rolls with my family. Not to mention that Christmas also means that I survived another semester and can now sit around and detox my brain for like a month and a half. So yes, I want Christmas….. even if it’s only November 16th…..don’t judge me.


Alright. So today I saw an article showing a teaser trailer for the new season of The Bachelor. And let me say BEN H. IS EVERYTHING. He’s even more beautiful than he was on Kaitlyn’s season. It was literally a 40 second trailer but it still got me so hype (and also made me blast Hideaway by Daya because really….where do the good boys go?). Ben H. is like my nerdy, hot, tall, dream of a human being and I need the season to be on…. like now. January 4th is too far away.


This is my new thing. Podcasts (….in case anyone doesn’t know) are sort of like mini radio shows online (you can listen to some on SoundCloud). I recently stared listening to Shane Dawson’s podcast (because he’s hilarious) but at first I was skeptical of the whole thing. Honestly I just really didn’t understand the appeal. I figured I’d rather see the people as they’re talking rather than just sitting and listening to their voices. But then I realized that it’s actually the most convenient thing ever when it comes to multitasking. I just play the podcast in the background and then do the other things I need to do (….like homework maybe?). It’s kind of calming because you hear the talking and you’re listening to what’s going on, but at the same time you’re not completely checked into it so it’s not distracting. I actually have a podcast playing in the background right now as I’m typing this. I guess I just like it a lot better than sitting in silence or listening to the same playlist of songs again and again (which is what I usually do). So my advice for you all is to try some podcasts out, they’re really funny and calming.

That’s basically all I’ve got for ya’ll. My life is still boring and I need to catch up on my tv shows now. So byeeeee!

From me for you,



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