Let’s Talk About Self Improvement

Hi guys. Today I wanted to address some things that I’ve been thinking about lately. My life has been kind of crazy lately for lots of reasons, but in all this craziness I’ve boiled down that what I need in my life to get over these things is one thing in particular: self-improvement. Now I’m not saying that there’s something wrong with me or that I need to change myself for someone else, I more mean that I need to take some time to do things for me, and only for me.

I think I’ve spent a lot of my short life (specifically the last year) doing things for other people. I feel like my actions and thoughts have not been molded by me but molded by others. Basically I’ve been doing things to gain the approval or attention of other people (which let me tell you doesn’t actually work) and sacrificed my own needs in the process. So since I’ve been down in the dumps lately I realized that I needed a change. That’s where the self improvement comes in.

I need to start doing things to improve myself to be what I want to be and then subsequently I’ll gain the approval and attention I’m looking for (probably from new, better people). So let me explain, this self improvement thing isn’t about changing my life in drastic ways but just changing it slightly. For example I should work out more, not because I want to look good for other people but because it’s good for me and will help me feel confident and accomplished. Maybe I’ll start doing things like maintaining a skin care routine or cleaning my room more often or eating a pint of ice cream every night just because I feel like it. I wanna look in the mirror and feel good, so once I stop letting the influence of others define me and start defining myself the way I want to I think the mirror will start to look a lot better.

In essence I feel like I need a fresh start so that’s what I’m going for. I’m going to try and make myself do new things with new people so I can finally get off the cycle I’ve been spinning around in for the past year.

Stay tuned for updates and make some time for yourself as well!

From me for you,


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