Blogging from the Gym

Is it possible to blog and workout at the same time? Apparently yes. Now maybe this means that I’m not actually working out very hard but with my schedule I’m trying to find any time possible to squeeze in a blog post (plus it distracts me from watching the clock slowly click down during my cardio). So I’m going to apologize now for any typos or grammar mistakes that may crop up in this post (it’s kinda hard to blog from your phone while riding a stationary bike…).

So let’s talk for a bit. Since I’m blogging in the gym I suppose I should talk a little about working out. Simply stated I hate working out. It’s actually the most inconvenient thing ever and I’m constantly trying to find time to squeeze it in (when in reality I’m just convincing myself to get out of bed for an hour to go do it). Even though I hate getting changed and walking all the way to the gym, at the same time I kind of love it. Like who doesn’t feel like a super awesome person who has there life together after they go to the gym? Not to mention that I also feel kind of badass in workout clothes. As I said to Kelly earlier “It’s like I’m fooling people into thinking I’m athletic” (when in reality I struggled to play field hockey for three years of high school before quitting my senior season….).

But okay, say you’re like me and you finally get yourself to the gym and then the entire time you’re just staring at all the hot people (boys) around you hoping that they don’t notice that you look terrible when sweaty and that you haven’t done laundry so you’re wearing the same workout pants that you wore last time you were at the gym (oh only I do this?…..awk). Simultaneously you’re thinking about the two cookies you ate at lunch and how the little calorie counter on your bike can’t possibly be accurate because you definitely burned more than 100 calories right? (Wtf, that’s not even half a cookie). Then once you finally finish you happy walk all the way back to your room feeling accomplished before then laying on your bed convincing yourself for a solid hour to get in the shower.

I’m starting to realize that maybe I’m the only person who actually does this stuff. If so, then I’m revealing a lot of embarrassing things about myself, but we’re close right? You don’t judge me. 

Anyways I guess I’ll give myself (and anyone else who went to the gym today) a few brownie points for even getting to the gym at all. Maybe I’ll eventually be able to carry heavy packages from my mother all the way back to my house without wanting to break out in tears from the arm pain (true story). 

Update: a really cute boy just got on the bike next to me….see what I mean?! This is not okay, like I’m a gross mess right now he shouldn’t have to see me like this. Why wasn’t I blessed with those genes that like make you sparkle beautifully when you sweat? Like those people on athletic commercials always look. True life questions right here.

Well I’m honestly not sure at all what I wrote about for this entire post but my cardio is now done (this was a successful distraction). So now I have to go fool around on some machines so that I look like I know what I’m doing.


From me for you,


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