The Ups and Downs of Recruitment: Hello AOII!

Hi everyone! For those of you who follow me on pretty much any form of social media you may have realized that recently I received a bid from Alpha Omicron Pi to join their amazing sorority. If you had asked me a few months ago what sorority I thought I would’ve ended up in I would have given you a firm, definite answer of “I wanna be a _________!!!” and no it was not AOII.

My recruitment process was pretty interesting and honestly had a lot of great moments and a lot of miserable moments. I thought I’d take the time to explain that process now to all of you so you can understand my life recently and also get a better understanding of why I chose to do AOII.

Recruitment at Gettysburg happens Fall semester of your Sophomore year, but in reality it begins Spring semester of your Freshman year. For the entire Spring semester you go on lunches with sorority women, attend rush events, girl flirt like crazy, and attempt to find out where exactly you want yourself to be in the Fall. I had a great Spring semester, I met amazing girls that I really liked in all 5 sorority organizations that we have here at Gburg; and at the end of that semester I had decided along with my two best friends that I wanted to be a Delta Gamma. That was where I knew the most girls, where I felt the most comfortable, and (admittedly) where my friends wanted to go. So I spent my summer daydreaming of being a DG. My friends and I talked endlessly about it, stalked the tumblr page, watched DG recruitment and bid day videos from other schools, practiced the hand symbols, imagined who our bigs and big bigs would be. I was fully in for DG, and I knew that 100%. So once recruitment came along (though I was nervous as hell) I hoped that my friends and I would have an easy recruitment process. And honestly the entirety of recruitment was pretty easy, I was called back to four houses on the second day, and I was called back to two on the last day (one of them being DG).

So here I am with the sorority I want right in front of me and I sit down and sign my little card that says I’m choosing to accept a bid from the sororities I had listed. That’s when things changed, I decided to Single Intention Prefrence (along with pretty much everyone else who had the sorority they wanted and a sorority they didn’t want left), this basically means that I said I would only accept a bid from DG and not the other sorority. If you do not Single Intention Preference you are guaranteed a bid from one of the sororities you have left, if you do Single Intention Preference then you are giving up that guarantee. Single Intention Prefrencing also then opened the door for me to be eligible to be apart of the AOII recruitment process if I did not receive a bid. So now I had to sit at my house for 4 hours and stare out the window to see if my RC was coming to tell me I didn’t get a bid.

Unfortunately my RC did come to my house, and in thirty seconds my entire world crashed around me. My friends and I were sobbing and I sat around like a zombie after they left to go and accept their bids. It was probably the worst 48 hours of my life. From what I know, the reason that I did not receive a bid from DG was because the pledge class sizes were smaller than usual (meaning that they could take only 25 girls due to other circumstances, and I was just outside of that range for various reasons). Now, this post is not to say anything bad about DG, I still love them wholeheartedly. My two best friends are in DG and the friendships I made with the DG girls in the Spring and Summer are still important to me. They are all amazing women and I in no way feel like they didn’t want me or screwed me over, it was all a matter of circumstance.

But that brings me to AOII. AOII was colonizing on my campus this semester (which means that they are a new chapter and were getting all new people). I knew that now that formal recruitment was over and I did not receive a bid that I now had the option of rushing AOII. But I did not want to, like at all. I was bitter about my recruitment process and sad about not being a DG and wanted to avoid the sorority life all together. I felt like a loser and thought joining AOII would make me even more of a loser. But with some convincing from my roommate Kelli (who also did not have a great recruitment experience and was joining AOII) and the other girls who were getting involved, I decided at the last minute to give AOII a shot. And honestly, as of right now, I’m really glad I did.

Yesterday 77 women were initiated as the new colony members of AOII at Gettysburg. Though there are definitely people I love, people I don’t love, and people I don’t know, I’m excited to see where this journey takes me. I’m now a part of something bigger than just being a pledge in a sorority, I’m a founding member. People are going to say a lot of stuff about us in the coming weeks, that we’re “not hot enough” “not sorority enough” “too snobby” or whatever you want to say, but honestly I don’t care. I didn’t decide to join AOII to impress people, I decided to do it for me and for my friendships.

I’m so excited to see what the future holds for AOII here at Gettysburg and couldn’t be more happy to be a part of the founding class that’ll shape it into the sorority WE want it to be.

So now I’m a panda, an AOCutiePi, an Alpha, and ultimately still me.

I guess if anyone is reading this that hasn’t gone through sorority recruitment yet my advice for you would be to keep your mind open. I never thought that this was where I would end up but I think it’s for the best. No matter what you do you’ll find where you belong.

From me for you,


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