The Adventures of Falling Down the Steps

As some of you may now know, I broke my foot this past Friday night. Yep, a nice crack in my forth and fifth metatarsals. The sad thing is that I don’t even have like some great back story as to how it happened. It’s basically as simple as this: I fell down the stairs. Yeaaaaaah, that’s it. I’m pretty much just a clumsy girl who can’t quite handle slippery staircases and fell to the doom of her left foot.

The funniest part of this is that when I broke my foot it was the second time I had fallen down my stairs that day. The first time I caught myself (though I bent so far back to do so that I swear my spine almost cracked). You’d think I would’ve learned my lesson and taken the stairs more carefully from that point on, but no, I decided to fall again. It was pretty late at night, let’s say around midnight, and as I began to walk down the steps I began to slip (picture like the boom boom boom thing your feet does when slipping down stairs). As my brain began to realize “oh crap, I’m falling”, my body decided that in order to save myself from falling onto my butt, I should instead lunge forward and (in the words of those who saw it) “dive down the staircase”. So I probably jumped down like 5-6 steps and landed on my foot. In the moment I was cracking up laughing, partially from embarrassment, partially because I couldn’t believe that this was the second time in a day that I’d fallen down the stairs. So as I’m laughing and clutching my foot in pain I begin to realize that it is swelling up in all kinds of places.

That was my first instinct that something was wrong, but with some reassurance that I “would be fine” I decided that maybe I’d just smacked my foot really hard and that it would be fine in the morning. I was able to walk semi-normally (since my first three toes had not sustained any damage) so I was positive about it. However, after being up all night due to the throbbing pain in my foot, and the fact that I could barely stand, let alone walk, in the morning I began to realize that I had indeed broken my foot. My parents drove down to school, took me to the hospital and I had some x-rays. What do you know, I broke it!

So now I’ve been on crutches for about two days which basically equates to the worst two days of my life. My arms are tired, my good leg is tired, and I probably cried about three times due to pure frustration of not even being able to open a door and walk through without struggling. Luckily, today I went to the orthopedic doctor and he gave me a little supportive shoe so that I could walk in without crutches (and since my foot is feeling much better today I have been doing a lot of this).

In summary, I broke my foot, it hurt, it’s swollen and black and blue, I scratched up my left hand, I have bruises on both arms, and I had to crutch around for my first day of classes. Hopefully this is not a sign of the year to come. The doctor says it’ll take 6-8 weeks to heal fully but I’ve already made a lot of progress so hopefully I’ll be walking pretty comfortably by next week.

So even though I would’ve loved to post a nice blog about how great my first day of sophomore year was, instead I have this. But hey, at least I have an interesting story to tell! (Also I got to catch up on Bachelor in Paradise since I was stuck in bed, yesssss).

From me for you,


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