The Only Thing I Did This Summer

So summer is officially over, and I leave in 18 hours to go back to Gettysburg (YAY). Since the summer has come and gone I thought I’d share with you the only poem I wrote all summer. Yes I know, I should’ve written more, but in all my work-induced exhaustion and summer depression I couldn’t bring myself to do much more than sit on the couch and stare at the tv (and come up with things to post on this blog). So here we go. I wrote this poem probably a few months ago. I think I was feeling a little down in like the middle of the night (does that happen to anyone else?) and so I pulled out my phone and typed out this poem into my notes very quickly and then went to bed. I think I fixed it up a bit when I typed it into a word document the next day, but obviously it isn’t perfect and could always use improvements (it didn’t even have a title before right now). But here it is, I hope you enjoy:

Feeling Like You
Julie Miranto

I want to feel the way that you made me feel.
Like time could be turned back
and stretched out so long that minutes feel like hours.
And like the past can be the present,
like childhood movies can still hold the same magic.
And like bodies can be soft but hands can be rough.
Like silence can be calming and not something to fear.

I want to feel the way that you made me feel.
Like flaws can become treasures,
and perception can be faulty.
I want to feel that comfort,
the familiarity and the routine
in the way that makes every moment seem that much more real.

I want to feel the high of knowing you again.
Because that feeling inspires me,
and removes the fake something that always gets in the way.
I don’t think I’ll ever be satisfied
until I feel the way that you made me feel

From me for you,


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