Music Update!

Time for another music update from yours truly. This time I decided to include the songs directly into the blog so you can listen as you go. Enjoy!

1. Here by Alessia Cara

This one is just sooooo good. It honestly sounds like poetry because of all the slant-rhyme, off-rhyme, etc. Honestly I think Alessia Cara is an amazing lyricist because she says so much in such a short amount of time (while being literal yet also metaphorical). What really gets me is SHE’S THE SAME AGE AS ME (actually a bit younger), how can someone be so creative at such a young age?! Like I’m still struggling to find my voice and this girl has found it in such a freaking cool way. I’m also a huge fan of the beat of the song, it has this good vibe of being kinda mid-tempo but also like a head banging kind of jam. The drums are my favorite because they really carry the song. This song is definitely more alternative but I’m a huge fan. I really wanna listen to more of Alessia Cara’s stuff because she seems like a really interesting and creative artist (and also her voice is just bomb). I’m sure her album is amazing.

Side note: She does an amazing cover of I Can’t Feel My Face that ya’ll should check out.

2. How Deep Is Your Love by Calvin Harris & Disciples

Time for a dance song. Calvin Harris is just amazing, right? Like his stuff always kills it. This song is really fun and the female vocalist is really good, I’m a huge fan of how soft her voice is in this song. (I’ve definitely done my fair share of dancing to this one in the car….). My thing with dance music is that I generally don’t like the stuff that’s really, really intense. Like I’m not a fan of huge music drops or crazy changes in beat, but this song is just well crafted and maintains a solid tempo the whole time, while keeping that dance vibe. Overall the words and beat are just really catchy, I feel like it could be a radio hit. For all your partying purposes, listen to this song (or just Calvin Harris in general).

3. Let It Go by James Bay

I’m a huge fan of singer-songwriters because their songs always have a lot more depth than the standard pop song and I really appreciate the creativity and talent. This song definitely portrays James Bays talent. His voice has such a sweet yet rugged sound too it (he has that passionate, tortured artist vibe). This song is also really beautiful. Essentially it’s a breakup song but not in the typical “I hate you and I’m miserable and sad that you did me wrong” kind of way. Instead he kind of just says that the two are no longer together so they should just let it go and let what happens happen. I always find this advice refreshing and my dad has often said to me that things are going to work out the way they are supposed to happen and if it’s meant to be it will be (I’m a firm believer in this). This song really exemplifies this idea of just being you and letting the hurt and the broken bits just fall where they may, because at some point you just have to let it all go and not worry about it anymore. My favorite line from the song is “Trying to push this problem up the hill when it’s just too heavy to hold. Think now’s the time to let it slide”. Take the time to really listen to the words of this song because it’s just beautiful.

4. Burning House by Cam

Wow, I really have a little of everything in this blog, time to throw in some country. Cam is a new female country artist and her first major hit (this song) is super slow and super pretty. She sounds a little like Miranda Lambert in my opinion (with less twang), her voice is so powerful though, like that one note she sings just hits that sweet spot in my ears and instantly got me intrigued the first time I heard it. The song itself is very metaphorical and honestly I haven’t quite pinpointed what the meaning of the song is exactly (it could be a breakup song? or maybe just a song about struggle?). I need to listen to it a few more times to really get it. This is a song for those reflective kind of days when you’re just kind of laying in your bed thinking about things and maybe feeling a little moody (at least that’s what I would use it for). Overall, the vocals, lyrics, and music are very strong and I’m a huge fan.

Hope you all enjoyed this little review! Let me know what you thought of the songs. I love to hear when people like the things I post.

From me for you,


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