Flashlight, Stitches, and Hailee Steinfeld

I’ve spent the bulk of my morning searching new music for my playlists. I came across a few gems (stay tuned for a future music update blog) but I need to get a better feel for them before I review them for you all. However, still sticking with the theme of music, I thought I’d instead highlight an artist instead of just one song. For today this is Hailee Steinfeld.

Most people probably know Hailee Steinfeld from some major Hollywood films including True Grit (which she got a ton of major award nominations for) and my personal favorite Pitch Perfect 2. I had always known who Hailee Steinfeld was prior to her role in Pitch Perfect but it wasn’t til I saw that movie that I realized how much I really like her. I thought her vocals were great in the movie (especially in the scene when she sings a snip-it of the movies main song Flashlight). After the movie album was release I was so disappointed to find out that she did not sing Flashlight on the album, instead the song was sung by Jessie J (no hate against her, I just prefer the Hailee version). So a few weeks ago I came across this video and nearly jump up and down in happiness, check it out:

Like omg, it’s so good! I finally got the Hailee Steinfeld version I wanted so badly, and I personally think it’s even better because it’s so stripped down and raw. A few weeks later I saw Hailee and Shawn Mendes both post that they had made a video of the two of them singing Shawn’s popular song Stitches. Once again, I almost did a happy dance (I mean the adorable talent that is Shawn Mendes mixed with my current girl crush Hailee Steinfeld, sign me up!). When the video was released I was instantly in love. The two sang so well together, and I loved the way that they arranged it between the two of them (they also just looked super cute while singing to one another). Give it a listen here:

Another stripped down version allowing Hailee and Shawn’s voices to shine, loving it. Hooking up with Shawn Mendes to release this little video was a great idea to help launch her music career. I mean, Shawn has rose pretty quickly in popularity for being a new artist, and the teenage girls that listen to his music are probably the exact kind of people that Hailee is wanting to be her main demographic.

So finally I heard news of Hailee releasing her first single Love Myself and once again, I was instantly excited. It was just released maybe a week ago and it’s everything I could’ve imagined and more. It’s upbeat and very positive about loving yourself and being independent (it kind of gives me an Ariana Grande vibe actually). Here’s the link to the audio:

So good right?! Her voice is so nice to listen to, it’s like calming and sweet and so lovable. I really wanna listen to this song while jumping around with all of my friends as we try on clothes and prep to go out. Definitely a pump-up kind of song. It’s nice to listen to music that makes you feel so good about yourself (one reason why I’m sure the world is such a fan of Fight Song). As for now, I’ll have to wait patiently for the Love Myself video to be released and then Hailee’s album.

I hope you enjoyed this little intro into the music world of Hailee Steinfeld. I’m for sure a fan….if you haven’t noticed that already (I’m a little obsessed).

From me for you,


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