A Piece of Advice for Pretty Much Anyone

So here it is. I’ve officially arrived at that young adult stage in my life where I’ve begun to realize that most of the things my parents said to me over the years had a lot more substance than I thought. Now I’m here to pass along the this common-sense, easily done, can’t-even-believe-I-have-to-say-this advice to all of you………be clean.

That’s it. Clean things. Clean things all the time along the way while you live your life because if you don’t you’ll be in for a disgusting experience later.

The moment that inspired this piece of advice occurred yesterday. I began packing to go back to school and figured I’d start with my shoes. Now, all of my shoes (except the summer sandals) were sitting in the same plastic box that they had been in since I brought them home. This thing hadn’t been opened in months, so when it was opened the smell was ridiculous. It wasn’t like a bad feet smell but like a stale rubber shoe, mixed with dirt, grass, and whatever substances you can find on a frat basement floor all rolled into one gigantic cloud of grossness (cue gagging). As I took the shoes out of the box I remembered how dirty all of my boots, vans, etc were from wearing them all the time (and the whole wearing them in disgusting frat basement thing). So I then proceeded to clean every pair of shoes in that box.

I texted my friends in frustration to which my friend Kelly replied telling me that her shoes were the first things to get cleaned and organized when she got home from school (because she remembered that they were gross and was smart enough to save herself the headache of doing it now, unlike me). As I sat there knee deep in dirty shoes I once again reminded myself that had I cleaned these shoes throughout the school year I wouldn’t be facing this problem now. This is something I struggle with, I often let things pile up and ignore them until it comes to the point where I have to do something about it (like putting my clothes away or dusting….).

So after all that gag-inducing shoe cleaning, I am once again telling myself that this year I really need to clean things as often as possible so I don’t have to do a lot more work later. And that’s my advice to all of you (but mainly all the young adults like me), be clean and don’t leave things in boxes for months because your clothes and shoes need to breathe (which is why I now have to wash all of my sweatshirts and sweaters again).

Learn from my mistakes!

From me for you,


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