The Tale of a Girl With Strep Throat

It all started Friday night. I had just come home from work and was lying on the couch (as usual) when I started having that achy feeling. You know that slight pain like deep down in your bones? It’s like this constant twitchy, ache that always tells me a fever is coming. At first I decided to ignore it because it wasn’t like I was really feeling that terrible. I mean it was just aches and pains, they could’ve just been from working out (lols). Now I don’t know if anyone else ever experiences this but one of the tell-tale signs that I have a fever is when my eyes start feeling very hot. So after this started happening and I went upstairs to go to bed (while shivering uncontrollably) I knew that I indeed did have a fever. I took my temp, it was 99.7, not terrible so I didn’t worry. I had had plenty of random low grade fevers in the recent months, one being earlier this summer and two during fall semester (though I eventually found out that those two were due to the mono I had but didn’t know about til months later). I took Motrin, my fever broke, and I went to sleep.

The next day I went to work again to watch the girls. I felt fine and figured my fever was just one of those freak things (ignoring the sore throat that I had) and that I would be fine the rest of the day. But then the aches started again, and the chills, and next thing you know I’m lying on the couch bundled up in three blankets, feeling miserable enough to die while children run around me and ask me to open juice boxes and granola bars for them, while making me watch Descendants for the fifth time and all the while trying my best not to infect them. Talk about the worst day ever. This fever was 10x worse than the one I had experienced the night before. I called my parents and they said they’d bring me Motrin on their way to our family reunion (which meant I would have to wait another 3 hours for relief to arrive).

My parents brought me the Motrin, but before it could take effect Gianna (the youngest) needed a pull-up change. My mom offered to do it (since obviously I didn’t feel well) but of course Gianna decided in this moment to be very moody and not want to have anyone else change her but me (cue internal screaming). I then had to change a poopy diaper while feeling like I was freezing to death, my head was going to roll off my body, and that I could easily pass out from my wooziness. In a few hours the Motrin kicked in and I went from shivering uncontrollably to sweating uncontrollably, but at least I felt good enough to give the girls baths.

That night I survived some more fevers and throat pain. In the morning I went to the doctor (after noticing the lovely white patches on my tonsils and the fact that swallowing had the effect of glass running down my throat) and found out I had strep. They gave me antibiotics and I loaded up on Motrin so that I could make it to Eagles training camp (miss out on a chance to see Tim Tebow? Never.) I’m feeling much better today so I think the meds are healing me right up. Overall, I’m happy that this illness happened now instead of in two weeks when I go back to school (I much prefer having my parents around to take care of me than going at it alone). However, I did realize that taking care of kids when your sick is hard, painful, and will have you feeling like you can easily break down in tears if one more child asks you to get them something. All in all, I’m beyond done with being sick and am hoping that after the mono, strep, and constant colds, the universe will hopefully allow me to have a sickness-free semester.

Fingers crossed!

From me for you,


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