Back to College Prep

As some of you might know, I tend to be the most organized, unorganized person ever. I love making lists and planning things, yet at the same time my bedroom tends to be a bit of a tornado (though it is an organized tornado because I know where everything is inside the mess….sort of). When it comes to going back to school I’ve felt the need to get all my things together for weeks. I’m the kind of person that loves doing things far in advance (I start telling my parents what I want to do for my birthday at least two to three months before June 1st). I suppose it makes me feel like the exciting things ahead are closer than I they actually are. For the past month I’ve tried to hold back on all my urges to plan, organize, and pack all the things I need (mostly for my family’s sake because every time I bring up things involved with going back to school they get very annoyed). But since it’s now officially 15 days til I go back I figure I’m allowed to release all my pent-up planning energy. So here’s the few things I’m starting to do as my back to college prep.

  1. Organize my clothes – I’ve fully realized that I do not need to bring as many clothes to school with me as I did last semester (see Things I Brought to College and Never Used). I need to sit down and look through all of my clothes and decide which ones just aren’t going to make the cut. The main items of clothing I’m looking to cut down on would be t-shirts, sweaters/cardigans, and jeans. I brought a lot of these things last year, only to let them sit untouched in my closet. One of the main reasons I need to cut back is because me and my two roommates (shoutout Kelli and Starr) will all be sharing one closet (the size of which is unknown). I feel like I’ll have a lot less storage space this year, so the unnecessary clothing is going to have to go. (Plus I don’t want to have to bring a billion hangers with me again….)
  2. Organize the room filled with my school stuff that I never unpacked – Since the day I got home a few months ago I shoved half of my boxes and random items into our extra room (think like the workout/storage/Julie’s-college-supply-room room). Over the past few months I’ve dug through the boxes in order to find things I needed and now the room is just one giant mess. I need to take some time to reorganize everything and decide what things are going to be packed in what boxes. I also need to get rid of all the things I no longer think I’ll need.
  3. Go shopping – Though I’ve done a lot of clothing shopping this summer in preparation for getting back to school (maybe a little too much….) I still need to get all the normal everyday stuff that I’ll need. I’ve been making this list of things I need to buy (shampoo, face wipes, dryer sheets, etc) for a few weeks, so now I just need to go out and actually buy everything. Then, I’ll subsequently organize all that stuff into boxes.

The whole back to school preparation and packing thing is actually really funny to me because my friend Kelly had sent me an article this morning titled 23 Signs You Are Completely Ready To Go Back To College, and #1 was “packing has become something to look forward to, and you hate packing”. If that doesn’t describe us than I don’t know what would. I’m so excited to pack for school, as weird and unusual as that may sound. In a few weeks I intend to post all about my moving in process and what my dorm room looks like, stay tuned for that one! But for now I’ll continue to plan away!

From me for you,


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