5 Reasons I Love Walt Disney World

This post is probably pretty random but bear with me.

Trips to DisneyWorld have occurred a few times in my family. I think I’ve been there four times in my life, twice when I was young (ages 2 and 4), then once freshman year, and once senior year. I’ve been begging my parents to take me back this year because I’ve just grown to have this obsession with DisneyWorld (keep in mind my whole family is kind of obsessed, it’s not just me). When I was younger (like before the freshman year trip) I never really understood the DisneyWorld hype. Yes I had gone before and yes I loved it (I mean what little kid wouldn’t?), but I guess I just figured that as a teenager it wouldn’t be the same. Well at this point in my life I can certainly say that I was wrong, the hype is real, the obsession is real, the magic is real, it’s just one giant bundle of amazingness. I’m so crazed about Disney that I even get emotional when I watch any TV show where the characters visit it (shoutout Full House, shoutout The Middle) The people who haven’t gone don’t understand it (shoutout Delia who said that she would always choose to go to the beach over DisneyWorld…….excuse me what?! Never.). But I figured I sum up my obsession (to help out all the Disney haters) with this little post entitled 5 Reasons I Love Walt Disney World.

1. It’s freaking magical- Now yes, I know that it isn’t really magical and that Tinker Bell is not in fact flying from Cinderella’s castle but is instead zip-lining down a very long rope, but that doesn’t take away the magical feel. As soon as you step into Magic Kingdom you just get that vibe, the same vibe you got when you walked in as a two year old child. You can’t help but believe that all the buildings are real and that Cinderella really does live up in that giant castle of my childhood princess dreams. It’s the capturing of innocence, DisneyWorld has managed to bottle it up and serve it to you on a platter so that you can never forget what childhood tastes like. It just takes you back to that time of believing in everything, I don’t care if you’re 7 or 70, you will feel the magic.

2. The children- Once again, yes, I know that the children are one of the Disney haters biggest annoyances. They’re disorganized and wild and more often than not a mother will try to use her child in its stroller as a battering ram to push past you in the rush to get to Soarin’ (true story). But even though kids cry and create disturbances, there is nothing cuter or more amazing than seeing a child’s eyes light up when they see a character or seeing little girls running around in princess costumes. In them you can really see the magic, because they truly believe it’s real. I think the kids are what add a large portion of that magical vibe that the Disney parks have.

3. Walt Disney- If you don’t find Walt Disney fascinating then you need to do your research because he was an amazing man. I find his vision so inspiring, he was always dreaming, always creating, always innovating. He is DisneyWorld. I find it so interesting that one man was able to realize his dreams and then manifest them into something so utterly wonderful. It’s all designed by what he found beautiful and inspiring, and clearly he knew what mankind could relate to or else his parks and movies never would have been so popular. My favorite example of Walt Disney’s innovation is EPCOT, granted his idea for a perfect society obviously never worked and probably never would, yet I’m still so impressed with the thought. He envisioned this amazing, futuristic place that would have the latest technology and all work in simplicity and harmony. You can really see his vision while in EPCOT. Along with this, Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream is one of my favorite rides in all of DisneyWorld because I’m just so interested in understanding this man and where he found all of his inspiration. If you usually skip over this ride then I can tell you that you are sorely missing out and need to reevaluate your decisions.

4. The food- I’m a foodie, I’ll admit it. I’m obsessed with food (which might explain why I often watch the Food Network for like 5+ hours on my days off). The food in Disney is just bomb, no matter what park you’re in, though personally I favor EPCOT (a chocolate croissant, gelato, and churro all within walking distance? sign me up!). Me and my best friend Kelsey have already planned to go to EPCOT to celebrate our 21st birthdays by drinking and eating around the world (be prepared for that blog….). The food highlights of our most recent trip were the Yak & Yeti and Kona Cafe (best scrambled eggs I’ve ever eaten in my entire life).

5. The rides- This is probably my favorite part (along with probably everyone else). The attractions at Disney are my favorite because they’re really, really well done. Everything is well thought out when creating an attraction and there are never any holes in the production. Every aspect of the rides and the park relate to the overall theme. If you ever visit, take some time to look around at the teeny-tiny details because they are the most impressive. Another reason I love the rides is because it’s not like a usual amusement park with the standard roller coasters and whatnot (which I’m not really a fan of….thanks parents for the motion sickness trait). The rides in Disney are much more of an experience rather than a short thrill, and that’s what I love about it. I also love to see the difference between the old and the new. Disney has this great balance of classic rides, and modern, technology based rides. It gives off this great feeling of experiencing both the past and future.

So that’s it, 5 reasons I love Walt Disney World. You may never understand the obsession but this is the best way I could put it into words. After writing this blog I want to go back more than ever (I might be calling my mom right now to beg her for the 100th time to figure out exactly when we can go). If you’ve never been to Disney then go! You have to experience it to ever really understand.

From me for you,


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