Helloooooo August! : A Year of Imperfection

August has arrived and you know what that means…..20 days til I go back to school!!!!!

The anticipation is killing me; I’ve spent the past few weeks making endless lists (for example “Things I Need: Clothing”, “Essential Supplies”, etc.). My lists have grown and changed a million times this summer but having them makes me feel calm and organized (there has to be other crazy people like me out there who find list-making calming….).

Last summer as I prepared for my first semester I was nothing but terrified (making friends is a thing again…..what? I don’t know how to do that!) However this year I’m filled with pure excitement (mixed with a tinge of fear because rush *insert wide-eyed terrified emoji here*). But overall I’m ready for August now that it’s here. Sure I still have a lot of things to buy on my lists, and the idea of managing two literature classes and a 300 level Spanish course is giving me enough academic anxiety to choke a horse, but I have a feeling that everything will work out the way it’s supposed to (with rush and with my classes).

Being a creative person obviously lends me to gravitate towards creative things to express my feelings. Even though I’m often good at using my own words to explain my feelings, sometimes someone else’s words can make more sense of things for me than I ever could. That’s why this year I have a new motto to sum up my Sophomore year desires. Get ready for it………..

“Too much perfection is a mistake”

(Thank you Tumblr for providing me with this one).

When things seem to be stressing me out I want to use this quote as my anchor. Often times I can be swept up in the idea of looking perfect, having perfect grades, perfect friends, a perfectly decorated dorm room, (having the most perfect rush experience ever) but these things just aren’t realistic. People always say “nobody’s perfect” (shoutout Hannah Montana) but this quote just let me believe that yeah maybe nobody is perfect but that doesn’t mean that I can’t try really hard to get as close to perfection as I can. That’s the difference between that mantra and this quote. This quote isn’t saying that nobody is perfect but you can still try to be, it’s saying that having too much perfection isn’t ideal. Striving to be perfect in everything is a mistake because it just wears you down and makes you feel even less perfect (this isn’t to say that you shouldn’t try to be the best when you can be because obviously you should). It’s just the simple idea that too much perfection isn’t what you should strive after, because no one can manage perfection in all things, all the time.

That’s why I’m making this my motto for the year. Sure, I can try to be perfect in some ways, but trying to maintain perfection in everything is just never going to happen and will ultimately leave me in a giant anxiety-ridden mess (which clearly is never the goal).

So bring on the fun, crazy, less than perfect year! I’m ready for it.

From me for you,


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