The Ghost Generation

Today I have another poem for you! Once again, I wrote this last semester in my creative writing course. This session was all about rhyming (slant rhyme, true rhyme, etc.). Though I don’t really know what the poem is or means entirely, (because it literally just sprung out of me in a burst of rhymes that came from who knows where) I ended up liking it a lot. It was my first real adventure into rhyming, so I consider this poem to be my initial realization of how sophisticated rhyme can add so much to a poem. I wrote the first few lines in class and then later finished it for my portfolio at the end of the unit. Recently I’ve tried expanding it into a spoken word but it is very new territory for me so it needs a lot of work before I’ll love it. For now, enjoy this original draft!

The Ghost Generation
Julie Miranto

Her smile spreads out like echolocation,
reflecting back the dead souls that she always held faith in.
They etch and they sketch on the parts of her brain
where she used to hold songs but now only finds shame.
They plug and they tug and they shun her heartstrings
til she’s left loosely lulled by the numb that they leave.
She’s all tied up in tangles,
her body in angles of what used to be angels
that floated and fostered the roots of her soul,
the rusted and ruined parts sans control.
They were supported and strong and carried her dreams
in little pockets labeled tomorrow, next year, and in-between.
Yet now they are arid and lack the firm something.
The thing which we pray for and weep for not coming.
All her strength needs is a pinch of hydration
to bring back the life in her bones and her face and
her smile will then spread from person to person,
reviving the rotten souls of the ghost generation.

From me for you,


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