Writer’s Block

Essentially, this is what I have today. I’m staring at my computer and the tiny blinking line on the screen is intimidating me (and laughing at me) and I’m wondering what exactly I want to say today. Since I haven’t come up with anything inspiring or inventive I figured I’d just do this….ramble on about nothing until it becomes something.

I’ve actually realized that this is a great strategy when facing writer’s block. Sometimes there’s so much (or so little) going on that you can’t think of anything to really explain all the things (or lack thereof) that are happening. When these times hit me I tend to just sit down and write about whatever flows from my head. Whether it be creative or just the ranting of my mind, I find that it often helps to just talk about nothing. Not only in the writing world but even in the social world.

Think about it this way: have you ever had an awkward conversation with someone where you just keep talking about anything (or nothing) until something clicks? Then the conversation just rolls from there, and suddenly the conversation block is gone. That’s how I view writing. Sometimes you just have to file all the things in your brain (even if filing means blurting them randomly onto a page) and then see what your left with. You might suddenly have a great masterpiece, or (if nothing else) a simple line that you can eventually mold into something amazing. However, there is always the chance that you’re just left with a random compilation of things that will end up going no where. But I always find that even if that’s the end result I still always feel better (or more relieved).

Today I’ve felt particularly weird. I go through these phases sometimes of feeling sort of moody/sad/lonely, it’s kind of like this feeling of really wanting to be cuddled but also wanting to be all alone (I’m not really sure if anyone really understands this or has felt it too but every few weeks it seems to happen). Writing this blog has made me feel a little better, because I’ve gotten some things out of my head and really focused on it.

I guess this is the best example I can come up with to show how writing about nothing can turn into something. In this case, the something being that I feel less moody and also that I now have a finished blog post for you all. I guess the best piece of advice I can give about writer’s block (or any kind of block you feel in your life) if just to get up and do whatever it is you feel like you can’t do. I really didn’t feel like I could write this blog today, and yet here it is for your enjoyment. It may suck, but at least it exists and at least I tried.

I hope your day is shining bright.

From me for you,


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