The Music of My Week

Here’s another music review for ya’ll. Open a new tab and listen away!

1. First Time by Kelsea Ballerini


Some people have called Kelsea Ballerini the new country artist to watch and I completely agree. Her song “Love Me Like You Mean It” has been killing the country charts and has managed to work it’s way onto my list of favorites. Since I liked her first single so much I figured I’d listen to the rest of her album, that’s when I came across this gem (although the whole album was really good so I suggest you give it a listen). This song is slower than her first single and basically tells the story of a girl who gives a guy a second chance that he inevitably screws up by leaving her waiting on the porch. Hence the main line of the song “that’s why the past should be the past the first time”. I found the topic kind of refreshing because we’ve all heard our fair share of breakup songs, but this one explored a different kind of relationship and I found it to not conform to the usual cliches. Her voice is also really powerful which adds to the emotion of the song. This song is definitely one for those reflective car rides or moody days.

2. House Party by Sam Hunt


Let me start this off by saying that my goal is to see Sam Hunt in concert because he’s just adorable and his album is amazing. I have a few favorites from Montevallo but this song is the one that I’ve had most recently on repeat. “House Party” is just a great country party song; the beat is great, the lyrics are adorable, and Sam Hunt’s voice just makes it all the more lovely. I challenge you to try and avoid dancing around when you listen to this song because I’ve begun to think that it’s physically impossible!! The thing I love most about this song is the fact that it makes me really excited to go back to school. My friends and I are living in a house next year (24 people in a giant, old, brick house) and if this song isn’t playing every Friday and Saturday night then I’m literally going to have a protest. It’s just too good to not listen to. I think my ideal situation to listen to this song is while me and my friends are getting ready to go out. We’re always looking for good “pump up” songs and I think this one definitely deserves a spot on the playlist.

3. Force of Nature by Bea Miller


To break up the country chain I’ve had going, I thought I’d throw in a pop artist. Bea Miller is a sixteen year old X-Factor alum. Her first album “Not an Apology” came out recently, and though I haven’t listened to the entire thing, there are still some pretty powerful songs on there (see Young Blood). For being a pretty, sixteen year old pop singer she has a little bit of edge, I highly suggest you give the album a listen. This song is my favorite from the album because it’s very soft and sweet (think very similar to Bright by Ecosmith, in fact her voice and Sydney Sierota’s have an almost identical tone). It’s a simple guitar song so her vocals really stand out. It’s sort of the classic young love song that describes a girl who tries to resist liking the boy in question but can’t because he’s a “force of nature”. Overall I’d like to picture this song being played by a bonfire or something; very melodic, very calm, very head-swaying, twirling kind of jam.

Hope ya’ll enjoy this little review! I’d love to hear some of your favorites so feel free to leave a comment or let me know. Maybe I’ll put them in my next music review.

From me for you,


One thought on “The Music of My Week

  1. Love, love, love House Party! I listened to Sam Hunt’s album a little while back because literally everyone was talking about him. House Party quickly became my favorite song on the album!

    Kayla |


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