Let’s Go Far Away

Once again, I wrote this for my poetry portfolio mid-way through last semester. It’s probably one of my favorite poems because it just sort of flowed out of me, as if it was just begging to be written. I think it only took me about twenty minutes to write the entire thing. It just really represents feeling good and desiring to escape everyday surroundings and find a place where things don’t change and the happiness is constant. This place I described in this poem is my example of this escape, sort of a distant, foreign place that you could share with someone special. Even though the poem directly says “you”, I don’t think there is a specific “you” that this was about. I guess the other person in this poem is just a representation of what I hope to one day have (which apparently is a person that will be irresponsible and run away from all of life’s problems with me…….).

So here it is, I hope you enjoy.

A Place for You and Me
Julie Miranto

Let’s go far away.
To the place where the sun is orange,
and the dew sits like pluckable crystals on fragile petals,
and the rain tastes like sugar and cascades down the mountains in tufts of sweet nothings,
and the earth is not stable but can be changed.
And changed again.
Into rainbow tornados and pink foaming beaches,
into a tower of storm clouds that never releases.
Where your hand brushes mine and leaves trails of warm redness,
and the grass feels like soft duvets and we will bury down beneath it.

And we will forget that anything mattered,
and let our thoughts become clouds which float higher and higher
and make shapes of lost lovers, friends, and those who no longer live.
The air will always smell like cinnamon or fresh linens,
and the birds solely sing and never stop whooshing and floating through the soft breezes.

Just you and me in a skyline of possibilities,
a sun ray of hope and a tree of never ending tranquility.
Nothing is gained and nothing is lost
but we stay as we are.
Take me to this place with you
Far, far away,
where the ocean isn’t salty and neither are we,
where the roots of the trees dip up and down in endless waves that connect the sky to the earth,
being a bridge to all things.

We can lay together as the sun bakes our skin,
and we’ll melt there beside each other,
as my head lies on your chest and I hear the beat-beating of life.
And when we are done and we’ve fallen to puddles,
Let the world fall too.
It will be no more than a far distant place where the sun is orange and time is erased.

From me for you,


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