Why Today Is a Good Day

Lets face it most days can seem like bad days (especially in the summer when you’re bored and have a strong lack of friends… or is that just me?). Since the average summer day for myself consists of sitting on my couch, watching tv, babysitting, and making myself food (and a lot of protein shakes), I tend to allow myself to fall into a rut of being intensely bored and uninspired to really do much of anything (which leads to lack-of-sun-induced depression). My friends and I call this being “in your bag”, most people don’t understand it but shoutout Sarah for giving us the perfect phrase to describe what it feels like when you’re just in a mood.

But this post is not about being in my bag, it’s quite the opposite actually, because today is a good day. It just feels like a good day. I’m in a good mood, the sky looks bluer, I’m not so miserable at the fact that I have to watch children for the next nine hours. I just feel positive, and I’m gonna attribute this feeling to a few things.

The first would be that I put on real clothes. I babysit three days a week and since the only people who see me are the five girls I’m watching (and the dog) I usually don’t care too much about my appearance. They’re not bothered if I have on a T-shirt and athletic shorts or if my hair is in a ponytail, so I take advantage of this and allow myself to look like a regular old slob (kind of what I think a stay-at-home mom would look like when she’s home all day with her five kids, which is what I feel like on these days). The other days I’m usually at home not seeing anyone important, so there’s no need to put on real clothes (or often times pants because who really needs those). However, today I decided that I would leave my hair down, put on jean shorts, and a decent shirt and a little bit of cover-up and (as if by magic) I’m feeling much more positive about my day.

The second is that I got a good night of sleep (kind of). Most nights I let myself lay in my bed (….on my phone) until about two or three AM before I fall asleep. This isn’t good for anyone, especially when you need to be up by 7:30 the next morning to go to work. Lately I’ve been attempting to commit to going to bed earlier and last night I managed to fall asleep by 12:30 (it may not sound like much, but for me this is early. Like this is the-time-I-went-to-bed-at-school-when-I-had-an-8 AM-the-next-day kind of early). I woke up today a little less pissed off at my alarm and much more ready to get up and put on clothes (which may be why I put on real clothes now that I think about it….).

The last thing I can’t really contribute to anything specific, all I can say is that I feel good. Maybe the sun is shining differently, or my body is more aligned, or I’m excited for my plans for the rest of the week. But whatever it is, I’m loving it. It’s that feeling when I just want to put on good music and dance around with the windows open while the warm air comes in and I let the sunlight light up my room (which admittedly I did a lot in the spring semester….luckily my roommate was very busy and never had to witness it).

Overall, today I’m feeling positive and am definitely not in my bag. Hopefully more days like this will come along soon!

*Insert happy dance here* (for visual representation see below).


From me for you,


(In the process of writing this I only had to clean up one mess in the form of a broken necklace and wrestle one item out of the dog’s mouth, the good day just keeps on rolling).

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