What’s Inspiring Me This Week

I thought I’d add a new aspect to my blog where I discuss the things inspiring me each week. This way I can better understand the things that inspire me and also (hopefully) inspire those that read them.

I recently heard a quote by T.H. White, he said “Perhaps we all give the best of our hearts uncritically to those who hardly think about us in return”.

My first thought was wow. It’s such and interesting and powerful way of describing something that I think a lot of people relate to. It’s the whole idea of giving part of yourself to someone who doesn’t care to give the same back to you. I’ve allowed myself to be a victim of this before as I’m sure everyone has. What I think is the most interesting about the way that T.H. White puts it is that he makes it seem very unavoidable, as if people are just inclined to uncritically give their hearts to those who don’t think of them in return. His use of the word “all” is what really gives off this vibe, because it equates it to all people (not just the hopeless romantics like myself). That’s the thing which I find the most inspiring (including the way that he’s able to word the phrase both beautifully and tragically at the same time), because it makes me question why we let this happen to us. Why are people prone to wanting to give our most to those who don’t care? Maybe it’s because we really desire that appreciation from that other person, and we think that giving our hearts to them will allow for appreciation (in any form) in return. Things don’t always work that way though, and that’s the true tragedy. Unfortunately this is a struggle of mankind that I think neither T.H. White or I can ever really understand.

I’ll have to marinate on this quote for awhile longer so I can really get a good idea of what I think about it. However, as of right now this is what’s inspiring me this week! I hope you got something out of it too.

From me for you,


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