Why Online Shopping Will Be Your Best Friend and Worst Enemy In College

If anyone else out there is like me then you may have realized that you have a slight online shopping addiction.

This is a problem for many girls but my addiction didn’t really bloom until my first semester of my freshman year. As anyone who is an avid online shopper knows, you will be going through your day with no thought of Forever 21, H&M, or the fact that you really want a new pair of patterned flowy pants (because the two pairs you already have aren’t enough and you’re looking for a really comfy pair that aren’t dry clean only). Eventually you check your email, only to see a dozen messages all titled “Save 20%” or “Buy One Get One Half” and an hour later you’re four websites deep and your virtual carts are filled with items you don’t need and your friends are helping you decide whether or not the red crop top or navy crop top is “more practical”. So since many of us fall prey to online shopping, I thought I’d break down for you why online shopping will be your best friend and worst enemy in your first year of college.

Why Online Shopping Will Be Your Best Friend:

It’ll all start a few weeks in after you realize that “OMG I DON’T HAVE ENOUGH PARTY CLOTHES” (insert Forever 21 sale and the purchase of nine new crop tops). You tell yourself that this was a necessary purchase and that you “needed” all of these things and that you “won’t online shop anymore”. But then your new clothes will arrive in your mailbox you’ll realize how amazing it is that you could buy all these things and have them delivered right to you without having to go to ten different stores and try on everything (this is especially true when you go to a college where there aren’t many great stores close by…cough cough Gburg). The next thing you know you’ll be adding items to your cart weekly and convincing yourself that you need that open back dress for when Spring finally rolls around (even though it’s only November). But overall you won’t care about these things because your wardrobe will be growing wonderfully and all your new clothes will make you the best dressed for every occasion. Plus there’s also the bonus of the fact that you can order things on Amazon that you actually need, like a new hairbrush because you dropped yours and broke it (true story).


Why Online Shopping Will Be Your Worst Enemy:

After buying all of these great, shiny, and oh so cute new clothes. You’ll begin to realize that you’ve been spending a lot more money than you expected to. All your grad party money is officially gone and you’ve now dipped into the depths of your savings (by transferring money into your checking account about every 2 weeks). You’ll then have to beg every person you know with children to let you babysit their kids while you’re home for winter break because you “could really use the extra cash”. Oh, and there will also be that time when you spend money on a shirt that ends up not fitting properly at all (even though you ordered it in the same size you order all of your clothes from that store). The value of money will begin to set in when second semester arrives and suddenly you’ve become that friend who is always asking to go somewhere cheap for dinner or skipping out on late night, greasy, diner food because “I’m poor”. But hey, at least you’ll have a good outfit for the times when you do want to go out and spend money!


All in all you just have to keep things balanced, because if you want to look great and buy new clothes every week then expect to never have a lot of money for anything else. Keep the online shopping to a minimum and don’t get sucked in by the deals, you’re still spending money while not bringing any more in. However, if you finally do find that perfect pair of patterned flowy pants, buy them because there’s nothing wrong with treating yourself every once and awhile!

From me for you,


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