Inspired by a Song

It’s time for another poem! This one was written for my portfolio at the end of the poetry unit in my creative writing course. At the time I didn’t quite have enough poems to meet the requirement for the assignment, so I needed to write one more. Music always inspires me, so I put my headphones in and laid down on my bed. The song Time by Mikky Ekko came on (this was one of my favorites at that point in time and if you haven’t heard it I suggest you go listen). It’s a very serene and powerful song and as I listened to it (on repeat) I really resonated with the line “time doesn’t love you like I love you”. I found it very intriguing, which is why it became the first line in this poem. From there I let the song and my brain guide me to write the poem that I now have. I titled it to resemble the amount of time it took me to write the poem, explaining the idea that this time had now passed and gone and this was what I had to show for it. I hope you enjoy it!

Twenty Minutes Passed
Julie Miranto

Time doesn’t love you like I love you.
It tick, tick, ticks away towards things unseen,
grey hair and wrinkled hands,
weak knees and lost dreams.

It walks right past you without a glance.
Seconds pass, pass, pass while removing the chance
to say I love you one last time,
or tell that stranger that you think they’re lovely.

It sucks you into a vast vortex of mundane activities,
the everyday hustle that pull, pull, pulls
and does not stop for anything,
not even for last moments or the first lurch of heartstrings.

So let’s run forever
Just out of time’s reach
Cause time doesn’t love you like I love you.

From me for you,


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