Inverted Syntax

As I mentioned in my last post I want to be able to use this blog as a way to post my writing. So this is my first attempt at doing that! It’s kind of scary but here we go!

So I wrote this particular poem a few months back as an assignment for my creative writing course. My professor wanted us to attempt to use inverted syntax. She used an E.E. Cummings poem to explain this device but unfortunately I cannot remember what the poem was nor can I find it in my old folders. In a nutshell, inverted syntax is the process of writing lines that do not follow traditional sentence patterns. My professor asked us to attempt this kind of writing and the following poem is what came out of that process for me.

At first I didn’t really understand the purpose of inverted syntax or the value that it could add to a poem, but then I realized that it was exactly what I needed for this particular poem. I wrote this poem about a relationship (if you want to call it that) that I was in at the time. I was very confused as to what this relationship actually was and what it was leading to. By using inverted syntax I was able to explain the confusion in my head by making the lines themselves difficult to understand because of the non-traditional syntax. This helped me communicate how I was feeling in a more effective way to my reader. In the end this became one of my favorite poems that I wrote all semester. I hope you enjoy it!

Julie Miranto

Now you come to me see,
to the where I am place,
where the dimly shines sun
and the always thorns chase.

You me open vast,
the armor despite.
And lay I my hold,
give I last my sight.

Because sudden fall I,
though know not of your catch.
Belong now to you I,
still while hold you to step.

With me are here you,
or you far someplace?
No more shelter have I,
heart my longer no cased.

Here I am where brought you,
yet continue I still,
for one the smile sweet,
who may neglect to me fill.

From me for you,


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