The First Step to Something New

I guess I should start this off by saying hi. So…. hi!

Today is the day that I sit down and start my blog. The best way to explain why I’m doing this is with a little back story. A few months ago I finished my freshman year of college (I still can’t believe it!). I spent my first year learning so many new things and meeting a ton of new, interesting, and inspiring people. Meeting all these people and seeing my freshman year fly by really got me thinking about self-improvement. I wanted to set some goals from myself. Just a few short-term goals that I could accomplish in my sophomore year, not only to improve myself but also to further my future career goals. The list ending up being this:

1. Become more politically active and get a good understanding of what my views are

2. Join the editing team for my schools literary magazine

3. Take more time to focus on my faith

4. Start a blog

And here I am completing number four on my list! The main reason why I put “start a blog” on my self-improvement list was because of my love for writing. I’ve written creatively for about six years now but it’s always been kind of a love-hate relationship. I have gone back and forth between loving every minute of writing to really questioning myself as a writer, which always leads to an endless string of writer’s block. This self-doubt really affected me in the past. For about a year I really didn’t write much. I was frustrated and tired from my senior year of high school and truly felt like maybe I wasn’t the writer I thought I was.

Fast forward to spring semester of my first year of college and I’m taking creative writing. In the course of three months I fell in love with writing again more than I ever had and even began to appreciate a medium that I never thought was destined for me. Poetry. My amazing(!!) professor inspired me to be the writer I truly hope to be. Now that I’ve found writing again I don’t want to let it slip away as I have in the past. This means that I need to write, and write a lot! I need to write so much that it stops being a thing I have to do and becomes a thing I want to do. I’ve never been great at that because I always let the stresses of everyday life distract me from writing. It’s always been a thing that I’ve shoved to the bottom of my “to-do list”. Well this blog is my attempt to start fresh! I want to have a place where I can go and write whatever I’m thinking, whether it be me generically talking about my day or posting my current creative burst of emotions.

All in all this will be a place for me to talk about my life, my notions and emotions (as I’ve so precisely named this blog). You can expect blogs, poetry, short stories, book reviews, general ramblings of a stressed college student, and hopefully the story of my life as it unfolds. If anyone would like to join me on this crazy train ride then feel free, the destination is unknown but the tickets are free and friends are always welcome!

From me for you,


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